War and the (Islamic) State

Some honest talk about fighting radical Islam and defeating ISIL by John Schindler (@20committee). To even begin this fight, we (the West) must acknowledge radical Islam and ISIL honestly. We must not try to sugarcoat or in any other way dismiss the reality of extremism. They fight by their own rules. It’s time we got a new playbook.

The XX Committee

The barbaric murder this week of the American journalist James Foley by a British jihadist has served as a tragic reminder of the gravity of the global threat posed by the Salafi jihad movement. For the first time in years, the Western public, seeing the horrific images of Foley’s butchering, has been confronted with the reality of our enemy. Those who thought the death of Osama bin Laden three years ago signaled the beginning of the end of his vile cause, a view championed by the Obama administration, were naively mistaken. Bin Laden’s demise was, as Churchill said of British victory at El Alamein, “the end of the beginning” of the struggle against the Salafi jihad movement.

And a movement it is, rather than an organization; those who apply Western, military-style organizational charts to it, in the manner beloved by intelligence analysts everywhere, are and have always been wrong. It…

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