Welcome to my view of the world. I just started this blog on a whim, as a place to put down my thoughts on the world I find interesting. A place to hone my writing, to share my ideas, and to have civil discussions.

As a counter-terrorism student, I will certainly post my fair share of terrorism and national security-related content. But I’ve long been interested in history and travel, both of which helped shape the way I view the world in many ways. Both of which I will talk about here. Knowing the history and culture of people can lead to an understanding of modern world, from interpersonal relations to armed conflict. The big picture is often defined by the little parts. I’ve lived all over this country, and have encountered people from all over the world. From what I’ve learned from those experiences I cannot be more thankful.

I’m not an expert. I am always learning in an ever-evolving world. I hope to share what I learn, and maybe do a little teaching along the way. Join me, won’t you?